Sunday, 3 June 2012

School's Out

...for Big T! I've applied for a couple days' leave over the next few weeks in June because i want to spend some quality time with my dear son. Even though he has his moments (and i have my moments when i just want to stuff him inside the cupboard so he would stop talking, that little chatterbox!!!), he's actually a sensitive (he's a snag alright...:)), sweet little fella and i don't think i can ask for a better son than him.

Anyway, these are the 10 things i want to do with him this holiday and i hope that by the end of the month, i can put a tick beside each of them and proudly declared i've taken the time and effort to bond with him.

1.  Go to Kiddy Palace. (I promised to bring him there yesterday when we were at Lot 1 for lunch after church but because i was rushing the kids home for their afternoon nap, i forgot. Big T reminded me in the car, with a crestfallen look on his face and it made me want to knock my own head because i pride myself as a mother that NEVER breaks the promises she makes.) :(
2. Go to the Zoo.
3. Go to the Bird Park.
4. Go kite-flying.
5. Have a barbecue. (Big T always looks on in envy when he see people having their barbecues at the poolside pit so i promised him we'll have one this holiday especially for him.)
6. Bake together. (Need to buy Thomas cookie moulds!)
7. Sandplay at West Coast (We haven't done this for a looooong time...)
8. Go to SPCA.
9. Go to Botanical Gardens/Jacob Ballas Children's Garden.
10. Go to the animal/fish farms at Lim Chu Kang/Pasir Ris Farmway.

That's him on his very first day of school. :)
Post-blogging thoughts: I just realised, with the exception of 1 and 6, everything else revolves around animals and the great outdoors! I guess that's how i want to bring up my kids - i want to make sure they soak in God's amazing creations and appreciate the wonder of it all.

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