Sunday, 10 June 2012

1. Kiddy Palace!

So i brought Big T to Kiddy Palace (and whipped potato before that) and as you can see, he was mighty pleased!

He saw all the new Fisher-Price Thomas trains and went into a frenzy checking all of them out - that's him (in the first picture) fiddling with Sir Tottem Hatt's musical caboose which plays the Thomas theme song everytime you press the button on top. I can so imagine Big T pressing this a kazillion times just to make Little T boogie (she loves the Thomas theme song and will shake her lil' booty everytime she hears it!). Just last Saturday, Little T was sleeping soundly in her cot when she heard this tune because Big T was watching Thomas and Friends on the telly. To my utter amusement, she got up from her belly down position into a kneeling position and started to shake her body (with her eyes half-closed some more)! The moment the tune ended, she just plopped right back into her sleeping position to continue her slumber!

If there's one thing i really, really love about my son and am really, really proud of him for, he's never ever thrown a tantrum at the toystore demanding that we buy this or that. Sure, he may hanker after a new train but when we ask him to put the toy back on the shelf and leave, he will do so no matter how disappointed he is. If we tell him he needs to wait till his 5th birthday (or Christmas) to get a new toy, he'll do just that.

Anyway, i'm glad to be able to strike one place off my list! Birdpark's on tomorrow and i'm wondering if i should make reservations for us to have lunch with the parrots...

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