Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back on Track

I wish, i wish, i wish i had more time to update my blog but with so many things on my plate at the moment, it's really a feat. I'm sure i can find time if i want to, but that will probably mean sacrificing time that i set aside for other things and i'm not ready to do that. I'm already sacrificing lunchtime to work out, sleeptime to read among other things, so i don't think i can afford to pu blogging on my priority list at the moment.

Still, i think i will start using this place to chronicle (i just found out you can use the word 'chronicle' as a verb too!) my running journey - preparing for my very first half marathon this September and really, really looking forward to it! 我不要宝马,我只要我的半马! :) After which i plan to train harder and do a full marathon next year. Before i hit 40, i hope to be able to attempt an ultramarathon (anything >the standard 42km full marathon). So far i've only told one person, which is Adeline whom i was whatsapping a few days ago. She probably thinks i'm insane ("50km?!?!?!?") but was still nice enough to tell me to train with care.

China's 5 most scenic marathons - something that Sharon sent me last week. In her words "all the China marathons" damn sexy and i can't agree more! I would really love to attempt the Great Wall Marathon or the Genghis Khan Grassland Marathon someday but again, the few people i've expressed my wishes too think i'm nuts.

Why liddat? If i never had wild dreams of being a vet (even though my sister told me "young dreams never come true") and if i never had clear, passionate goals of achieving anything in agility, i would never be who i am today.

Anyway, I have about 2 months more to the Army Half Marathon and i will start to really focus on training right and training hard. I don't believe in bullshit like not training, not because i'm afraid of injury but because i believe in always giving my best in whatever i do. I don't give a shit about beating other's people timing, i just want to continue beating my own timing. For the AHM, my goal is to complete it sub-3hours.

Starting to also get back on track for eating healthy. I've slackened in the past week because of the hubby's birthday and our wedding anniversary - hanged out at Aquanova that night too so as expected, there were drinks and what-not. Have to constantly remind myself that i only have one body and in Dr. Lim's words, i really, really need to be fitter than the average person.

Good news today, i smashed my own record for fastest /km timing. When i started running in September 2012, my timing per km hovered around approximately 8:30-9 mins/km. I know, i know, i know, that's damn freaking slow - think Tiffanie my 10-year-old niece runs at that pace too! I started getting fitter though, and my timing improved to approximately 8 mins/km. There are good days when i can do under 7:30- 8 mins for both short or long runs and today,  i actually did 6:48/km!! First time my pace was below 7 mins/km so that's a milestone for me.

I will continue trying to be fitter and faster. Just need to be focused and disciplined! :)

Today's training:
  1. 2.4km in 16:14mins
  2. Hill training
  3. Mat work - abs. (Standard crunches with raised legs x 20, Oblique crunches x 20 each side, Oblique twist x 20, Lower ab rocks x 20, Lying leg raise x 20)
  4. Push-ups x 20
Need to start developing my core muscles so i can use these to propel myself. Funny i know because most people think you just have to strengthen your quads and such and that's all. Need to find time to plough through the "Chi Running" book which promises injury-free and pain-free running. According to the authors, running a marathon should be pain-free and people over-glorify pain too much in such events! for thought, shall find out and share more when i've finished the book.

Over the past few months, i've also tried to cut down my meat intake, mostly inspired by Scott Jurek (still reading his "Eat and Read" book while simultaneously trying to finish the Chi-Running book). For the past few days, i've also heavily restricted my carb intake and have stuffed myself silly with greens. I feel good and clearing my bowels have never felt easier (too much info!). I feel less bloated and most of all, i think my drive and motivation is back. Eating carb and putting crap into my body have somehow made some of my symptoms re-appear again so without a doubt, eating healthy is definitely the way to go (like DUH).

Ok, i should get back to doing proper work. See, for blogging i have to sacrifice work time!

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