Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Project Happyblog

You know how you open Facebook everyday and you see all kinds of negative status updates - people complaining about their lives, about their jobs, about their spouses, about their children, about other people, and the list goes on. I'm just not one of those people because I believe in being positive and attracting positive things. Yah yah, most people think i'm just too prescriptive but I can give you many, many examples of how I've been attracting good things in life now and how I've attracted many, many bad things in my life in the past because of the negative person I was.

Anyway, I've decided to start "Project #Happyblog", which is basically to pen down all the good and happy things that I'm grateful about in my daily life. Shall start by writing about something which the hubby said last night over Teh-oh-ais and Tandoori Chicken.

So did I mention I'm officially a charity athlete for the Singapore Cancer Society? Anyway, I have been trying to promote my cause the past couple of weeks and have requested that friends do the same. A few friends have donated and amount currently stands at $1,100. :)

The hubby as usual, has been supportive and even got up early to ferry me to my 15km Race Against Cancer run. When I told him the night before that it was really okay and that I could take a cab myself, he brushed me off in his usual manner and said, "Aiyah, I always fetch you one mah!" I know he's shy that way and he goes all red in the face when I tease him about being sweet. Heh heh.

So back to last night. We were talking about my cause and the donations that have come in and he said he knew my target amount was 5K and he had already helped share my donation portal on his Facebook profile. I knew of course, that he hadn't donated to my cause yet but I didn't want to put a gun to his head and force him to donate his life savings, but what he said to me then really, really shocked me.

His exact words were, "You know why I haven't donated to your efforts yet? It's because at the end, I want to settle the balance for you and top up the donations so you hit your 5K target..."

I thought that was extremely sweet and thoughtful of him. We're not dirt-rich folks who have a lot of spare cash - granted the hubby earns more than me (much more on good sales month), but I really didn't think he would do something extreme like that just to make sure I achieved my goals and that I was happy at the end. Not saying it's bad to donate a few grands to charity but I just wasn't expecting him to make such an "extravagant" (for lack of better terms!) move. Well, if he was going to spend money buying branded bags which I really, really don't need. I'd rather he spend his money this way.

Thinking of what he said, the way he said it while looking into my eyes so earnestly makes me very, very happy. I thank God for a supportive hubby like him who puts my happiness above everything else.

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